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Job Agent is a smart search crawler that crawls to New Zealand job websites like Seek, Trademe, NZ Herald, Jobby and others, and brings you the best results for your job hunting.

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How to search

"Job Agent" is a simple web service which makes your job hunting easier: instead of cruising around many job search web sites, JobAgent is letting you efficiently search for a job in one go: just choose the job category, refine the search with any additional search terms, got it!

Our search algorithm could be used in many ways:

  • 1. You don't have to use a search category (i.e. "security", "testing" etc). But if you choose it, most likely that your search results will be better:

  • 2. You don't have to enter anything in the search box. But if you add specific words, your search results will be better.

  • 3. You can add the search category to the search box if you want to search over multiple categories, for example - "Security project manager"

  • 4. Recommended words to refine your search results in the "search box":

    • Place of job - will retrieve jobs offered in specific city. For example: Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, etc
    • Skills you have / technology you know - will refine your search results for jobs in specific skill set. For example: SQL, My SQL, Unix, iOS, Prince2, Sharepoint... you can use multiple keywords or one, as you wish E.g. "unix system engineering".
    • Web Sites to search on - this will limit the results only to sites which you list, one or more. For example: Seek, Trademe
    • Job type - will retrieve only a specific job type. For example: full time, contract, permanent, fixed term.

  • 5. Less recommended words to refine your search results:

    You can use, but it is not highly recommended, the following keywords:

    • Organization sector - will filter specific sectors. For example: Government, Private. This is not highly recommended because the organization is rarely mentioned in the advert.
    • Job Agent / Job Agency - For example: Manpower, Madison, Parker Bridge etc. This is not highly recommended because agents not always publish their details in adverts.
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About Job Agent

Creactive is a wellington based IT company that specialize in internet and intranet technologies. We have developed major technologies under the Dot NZ and Dot Com domains, as well as websites and services under other domains. We are keen to collaborate and to contribute to the evolving internet culture.

Job Agent

Job Agent is a simple search service that aimed to simplify the job hunting experience of New Zealanders. We have developed a smart search crawler that has a live up-to-dated index of jobs published in Traeme, Seek, Jobby, NZ Herald and other websites. JobAgent is a useful tool also in the hand of recruiting agencies, to fastly count and list all published jobs in specific category of jobs and in real time.

House Agent

House Agent is a simple search service that aimed to simplify the house hunting experience of New Zealanders. We have developed a smart search crawler that has a live up-to-dated index of real estate properties published in Traeme, Seek, Jobby, NZ Herald and real estate agencies websites. This could also be a useful tool for real estate agents to find the ranking of properties you sell, as they appear in the internet search.

Car Agent

Car Agent is yet just another simple search service that aimed to simplify the car searching experience of New Zealanders. Our crawler indexes car clasifieds from various sources and allows the user a smart yet simple searching and filtering of relevant cars as defined in the search parameters.